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The Writers Hub Awards is a yearly competition for The Writers Hub ticket holders only. There are four categories you can enter into which you can view below. Submissions for all awards will close on Friday 10th November, 2023. Winners will be announced/contacted before or by Sunday 19th November, 2023. Ticket-holders may enter as many awards as they like.

You must be a Writers Hubfest 2023 ticket holder to enter this year's award season. If you submit your work, then request a refund for your Writers Hubfest 2023 ticket, your work will be discounted. Please send all submissions to and include your full name and social media handle in the body of your email. Please write the subject line as: TWHA SUBMISSION: (Title of the award you're submitting in for). If you're submitting for multiple awards, please send in separate emails.

Submission example:
Subject Line: TWHA SUBMISSION: Short Story Award

Email Body: Submission for The Writers Hub Short Story Award. Melissa Hawkes @melissahawkesauthor.

Please either include your submission in the body of the email or attach it as a PDF or Microsoft Word document to the email.

*Terms and conditions apply. Applicable to Writers Hubfest 2023 ticket holders only. Non-ticket holder entries will be discounted. Melissa will not distribute, publish, or share your work and your work will not be stored after the awards have ended. All work will be deleted from Melissa's emails and system permanently. Melissa may ask if she can share your work via email, social media and/or displayed on the website, you're welcomed to decline. She will never claim your work as her own. Please reach out to Melissa for full terms and conditions.

The Writers Hub Short Story Award

Write a short story for any age range or genre. Melissa will be looking out for a compelling theme, captivating plot and conflicts, interesting characters and explored settings.

Word count range: 3,000 - 7,500 words
Prizes: 1 signed book from the bookshop (may have a bookplate) + £10 Amazon Gift Card

The Writers Hub Prompt Award

Write a story using the below prompt for inspiration. Melissa will be looking out for red herrings, building of suspense, and character development. 

Prompt: A mirror is found that shows the user a snapshot of their death. Who finds it? How do they use it? What does the mirror show? Who else uses the mirror?

Word count range: 8,000 - 15,000 words
Prizes: 1 signed book from the bookshop (may have a bookplate) + £10 Amazon Gift Card

The Writers Hub 100-Word Story Award

Write a story for any age range or genre that is exactly 100 words. Melissa will be looking out for good use of the word count set.

Word count range: Exactly 100 words. Submissions under or over this word count will not be included
Prizes: Signed Copy of Kate Heartfield's The Chatelaine + £25 Amazon Gift Card

The Writers Hub Poetry Award

Write a story poem inspired by your childhood memories.

Word count range: 250 - 1,000 words
Prizes: eBook of Seven Years by Alyssa Harmon + £25 Amazon Gift Card

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